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Your ICT Career Starts Here

A career in Software Engineering could begin at CDI: Our Division of Leadership & ICT is pleased to announce the following suite of Certificate and Diploma Programmes.

1. ICT (Information, Communication & Technology): This programme focuses on the use of (the internet, wireless networking, cell phones etc) technology that provides access to information through telecommunication.

2. Graphic Design: This is concerned with the art and skill of combining text and pictures in advertising, magazines or books.

3. Animation: This is the method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images through the use of computer generated imagery.

4. Webpage Design: This programme encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. This also include Graphic Design, Interface Design and Standardized Coding etc.

WORKSHOPS: Two (2) day workshops in each discipline will occur in May at a cost of $250.00Bds. The full programme in (1) ICT - cost $600.00bds and 2,3 & 4 cost $1,500.00Bds.

Each programme is of six (6) months duration and will commence in September 2019. Register early for the workshops in May and meet our young and creative Tutors. Build your capacity to solve problems using the tools of technology. Call 246- 4310957 for further details.

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