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Safety & Security Supervision

Certificate Course


This programme is designed to introduce participants to safety and security practice and will lay the 

foundation for advance study in Occupational Safety and Health, Crime Prevention, Security and Loss 

Prevention, Industrial Security and Management. It will equip participants with the tools needed to 

develop organizational alignment to international standards of safety and security practice and in the 

process lead to efficiency and effectiveness among staff.


This programme aims to:

  • Provide training in the theory and practice of safety and security.

  • Improve the quality of service to the customers.

  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization through beast practices in safety and security.



Unit 1 – English Writing for Business.

Unit 2 - Principles of Retail Security .

Unit 3 - Principles of Loss Prevention.


Unit 4 - Principles of Safety Security.

Unit 5 - Specialized Building Protective Systems.

Unit 6 - Legal Issues.

Unit 7 - Aspects of Supervisory Management.



Assessment of the course is determined by course work which accounts for 40% of the overall grade.  As well as the final examination which accounts for 60%.




Secondary School Education or
CXC English Grade 1, 2 or 3.



This course will involve a mixture of lectures and discussions.  To benefit fully, students’ participation in all aspects of the course is required.



Course Price: 

​Registration: $50.00BDS​

Course Duration: 6 Months or 1 Year​

Call 431-0957 for further information.

Some aspects of this course outline are subject to change.​

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