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Protective Security Services

Certificate Course


This programme is designed in accordance with international standards for entry level security

practitioners. The goal of this programme is to provide participants with the theoretical, practical and 

attitudinal skills needed by Law Enforcement Officers, Protective Agents or Security Officers to function competently and confidently. This programme recognizes the need of the security industry for persons skilled in the core and ancillary functions of the security practitioner. Participants will be evaluated based on assigned projects ad theoretical and practical examinations.


This programme aims to:

  • To provide participants with basic training in theoretical and practical skills necessary for the academic and professional development of Security Officers.

  • To promote efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of quality service to the customers.

  • To support the corporate development of the security agency.



Unit 1 – Report Writing.

Unit 2 - Customer Service Legal Issues.

Unit 3 - Note Book and Log Book Keeping.


Unit 4 - Crime Scene Management.

Unit 5 - Handling Emergency Situations.

Unit 6 - Occupational Health and Safety.

Unit 7 - Arrest and Search Techniques.

Unit 8 - Patrol Techniques.



Participants will be assessed based on attendance, class participation, the final examination and

practical assessment. The final examination accounts for 70 % of the final grade. 30 % is based 

on practical job attachments for forty (40) hours.




  1. CXC General English or English 101.

  2. Certificate in First Aid (Intermediate).



This course will involve a mixture of lectures and discussions.  To benefit fully, students’ participation in all aspects of the course is required.



Course Price: 

​Registration: $50.00BDS​

Course Duration: 6 Months or 1 Year​

Call 431-0957 for further information.

Some aspects of this course outline are subject to change.​

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