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Makeup Artistry

Certificate Course


This course was designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in the beauty industry.


The topics covered also lay the foundation for entrepreneurial ventures as it also provides students with the business and administrative components of the industry. 


This programme aims to:

  • To emphasize the function of Stylists

  • To equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills to operate effectively in the beauty industry.

  • Provide knowledge to complete administrative and marketing techniques for beauty services.


In order to meet the standards for this qualification, individuals will need to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Perform interactive workplace communication.

  • Maintain a safe, clean and efficient work environment.

  • Plan and organize work.

  • Carry out measurement and calculations.

  • Prepare clients for salon service.

  • Merchandise beauty care and relative products.

  •  Receive and direct clients.

  • Schedule and check out clients.

  • Sell products and services.

  • Conduct financial transactions.

  • Provide stock control procedures.

  • Demonstrate retail beauty care products.

  •  Design and apply make up.

  • Provide facial treatments.

  • Provide lash and brow treatment.

  • Provide temporary epilation and bleaching treatments.



Assessment of the course is determined by course work which accounts for 40% of the overall grade.  As well as the final written examination which accounts for 60%.




  • English 101.




This course will involve a mix of lectures, discussions and presentations. To benefit fully, a student’s participation in all aspects of the course is required.

Students must:

  • Attend all lectures

  • Prepare for lectures

  • Contribute to all discussions


​Registration: $50.00

Course Fee: $1200.00

Deposit: $ 500.00

Balance: $ 700.00 within first month of course.


​Duration: 1 Year

Call 431-0957 for further information.

Some aspects of this course outline are subject to change.​

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