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Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ)


This course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals to effectively lead people or teams, manage communications and provide conflict resolution. It will provide the keys to creating shared vision and ways to effectively communicate this vision to your team. Students will also learn how to establish realistic and productive goals that support and enable the achievement of organizational objectives and mission.


Leadership CVQ  is  ideal for:

  • Supervisors

  • Managers

  • Entrepreneurs


This programme aims to:

  • To equip individuals with essential leadership skills to operate effectively and efficiently in their managerial or respective roles.

  • To provide concepts and techniques to aid individuals in developing productive working relationships to influence teams to commit to organizational goals.

  • To reinforce the process of effective communication and the role enforcing corrective action has in Leadership.


In order to meet the standards for this qualification, individuals will need to demonstrate the ability to:

Stage 1

  • Management of Self.

  • Develop and sustain productive working relationships.

  • Provide leadership in own area of responsibility.

  • Communicate information and knowledge.

  • Use information to make effective decisions.


Stage 2

  • Plan and allocate work to team members.

  • Manage team communications.

  • Develop and sustain collaborative relationships with other departments.

  • Lead meetings to achieve objectives.

  • Represent your area of responsibility in meetings.

  • Prepare for and participate in quality audits.


All courses are compulsory.



Assessment of the course is determined by course work which accounts for 40% of the overall grade.  As well as the final written examination which accounts for 60%.




  • English 101.

  • First Aid.




This course will involve a mix of lectures, discussions and presentations. To benefit fully, a student’s participation in all aspects of the course is required.

Students must:

  • Attend all lectures

  • Prepare for lectures

  • Contribute to all discussions


​Registration: $50.00BDS​

Course Duration: 6 Months​

Call 431-0957 for further information.

Some aspects of this course outline are subject to change.​

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