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Organizational Management

Certificate Course


To ensure organisational culture is transmitted and the maximum productivity of employees, organisations must engage strong managers. Excellent managers possess the ability to meet organizational demands, recruit, motivate and lead employees in a diverse workplace. This course provides participants with the knowledge of management principles and skills, to enable the accomplishment of given tasks whilst empowering employees.

It will identify key areas participants are required to master to ensure eectiveness and eciency. The successful completion of this programme will provide participants an opportunity to be assessed for Full or Unit Certication from the Management CVQ Level 2.


This programme will introduce participants to the following;

1. The importance of an effective Manager and the Management Process
2. Techniques to foster trust and mechanisms to motivate and engage with employees
3. Effective ways to conduct feedback exercises and create reward systems.
4. The importance of excellent Customer Service.
5. Best practices for team building and displaying Leadership.
6. Recruitment techniques to ensure organizational fit.


  1. English for Business.

  2. Fundamentals of Management.

  3. The Art of Leadership and Team Building.

  4. The Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health.

  5. Keys to Motivation and Reward Systems.

  6. Managing Customer Relations.

  7. Managing Internal and External Communication.

  8. Building a Human Resources Power Team.



  1. Three (3) CXC passes at General Proficiency including English and Mathematics or

  2. A willingness to undertake a course of study to meet the stated requirements in English for Communication and Mathematics 101.

Note: Grade requirements for CXC/CSEC subjects are General Prociency – Grades 1 or 11 prior to June 1998 and Grades I, II or III from June 1998.



Written Examination: 60%
Final Project: 40%




This course will involve a mix of lectures, discussions and presentations. Each student is expected to participate fully in all presentations and should attend;

Students must:

  • At least 80% of the lectures

  • Participate in group discussions

  • Complete all assignments as required



​​Registration: $50.00BDS

Course Fee: $ 1500.00

Deposit: $ 750.00

Installments: 3 months to pay remainder.



This programme will be offered in the face to face mode over a period of four (4) months or sixty (60) contact hours.

Call 431-0957 for further information.

Some aspects of this course outline are subject to change.​

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