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Child Care and Development

Certificate Course


This course is intended to sensitize participants on effective child care methods and highlight the child’s milestones in its various stages of development.  It is important that any caregiver working within the Early Childhood  setting be well trained in the field of Early Childhood Education and this course seeks to provide individuals with a working knowledge of children in the Early Childhood range.  It is designed around the child, the context in which the child grows and includes discussions and practical activities with emphasis placed on the latter.  The course is also intended for parents and guardians of young children interested in acquiring knowledge on rearing their children/charges.  The course is specifically concerned with Early Childhood Education in a Caribbean context, to the extent that most experiences will be in a Caribbean setting.​


• Develop an awareness of the role and importance of early childhood education
• Familiarize students with the evolution of Early Childhood Education
• Gain insight into the individual’s social, emotional, physical and cogitative development
• Examine the different learning styles of children
• Examine various effective disciplinary techniques used in training children in the Early Childhood range.​



• History of Early Childhood Education

• Theories Underpinning Early Childhood  Education
• Theories of Child Development
• Important People in Early Childhood Education
• Assessing Children in Early Childhood Education
• Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Nutrition



UNIT 1 – Introduction to Early Childhood Education

1. Definition of the terms “Early Childhood”; “Early Childhood Education”; and “Child Development”.
2. Define factors which determine quality early childhood facilities.

UNIT 2 – Important people in Early Childhood Education

1. Jean Piaget.
2. Maria Montessori.
3. Exploring the influence of early philosophers in local early childhood education programmes.

UNIT 3 – Growth and Development

1. Development of the child from birth to eight years old.
2. Personality patterns and behaviours.
3. Working with children in the early childhood range.
UNIT 4 – How Children Learn

1. Definition of the term “Play”.
2. Exploring the benefits of play.
3. Outlining appropriate toys and games and games for young children
4. Preparing the environment (indoor and outdoor).
5. The Learning Center.

UNIT 5 – Nutrition

1. Definition of the term “Nutrition”.
2. A balanced diet  - a look at the Food Guide Pyramid.
3. Nutritional needs of young children.
4. The importance of good nutrition.
5. Problem – Eating Behaviours.

UNIT 6 – Child Health

1. Common illnesses in young children.
2. Handling the sick child.
3. Handling accidents and emergencies.
4. Prevention and control measures.



Assessment of the course is determined by course work which accounts for 40% of the overall grade.  As well as the final examination which accounts for 60%.




Secondary School Education or
CXC English Grade 1, 2 or 3

​Additional Info


​​Registration: $50.00

Course Fee: $ 1200.00

Deposit: $ 600.00

Second installment: $ 600.00 to be paid before course commencement.


​Duration: 6 Months

Call 431-0957 for further information.

Some aspects of this course outline are subject to change.​

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